Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a customised item ?
Yes, But there are a few issues to consider when making a request ;
- Don't send us a photo of someone elses work and ask if we can make it. There are copyright and intellectual property concerns.
We can however use it as inspiration and attempt to make something in a similar basic design or style.
- Realise that structual strength is important. Otherwsise your item will probably break in transit or when you try to use it.
Any words and shapes etc do have to join at several points. Using very thin fonts is problematic. The more words you want the less likely it is to join together effectively while looking good.

Is the cake topper the right size for my cake ?
We can't answer this ! Some people want toppers to be the same size as the width of cake, others prefer them bigger or smaller than the cake. It is a personal preference.
We can tell you the majority of our toppers are 14cm wide which is just under 6 inches and would sit nicely on a 6" round cake without over hanging the sides.
However the height does vary based on the design so the visual "size" and impact they have is different for each topper even though they are the same width.

Can I order something bigger ?
Yes. If the default size does not suit your needs. We can scale the designs to a different size as required.
But be aware something 'twice as big' is actually four times size in area, so it will use four times the material and take twice the time to cut and the price will reflect this.

What is the largest size we can cut ?
We can cut items up to 1300x900mm in size in thicknesses up to 20mm (depending on material).

Do we cut metal ?
No, with our CO2 laser cutter we can only cut wood, plastics and some other organic materials.

Do we do engraving ?
Yes we do laser engraving, please contact us regarding your request.