Halloween Cookie Stamp Set

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Halloween Cookie Stamp Set.

This is a set of 5 stamps and consist of spiderweb, pumpkin face, skull face, cute ghost & Treat or Treat Cookie Stamps.  

* roll your fondant out to desired thickness.

* position - the stamp

*press firmly with even pressure.

* if the fondant is too sticky or wet it will stick to the stamp, use corn flour on the fondant to help dry it out

*remove and cut cookie shape. Repeat.

 *Wash in warm soapy water. Make sure stamp is completely dry before using.
* Stamp is not Dishwasher friendly.

Stamp is 6cm (2.36") in diameter  - with print area between approx 4cm - 5.5cm depending on design.

This sizing is most suitable for cookies between 6-8cm (2.23 - 3.14")

We are able to make other sizes - just email us with required sizing for quote.

Custom enquires are also welcome.