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Pink Swann

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Pink Swann establihed in 2014 is a family business located in the Hunter valley in Australia.
Our company manufactures a range of products aswell as offering laser cutting and engraving services.

Laser cutting is a computer controlled process where a design is drawn on the computer which is then converted to a series of commands of coordinates and paths for the laser cutter follow. This means items can be cut precisely and consitantely. Ideal for repatative production where identical items can be cut days or even years apart and is superior to other methods of cutting when designs are complex or intricate.

We have several CO2 laser machines which generate a laser beam of infrared wave length which is then focused to a point to cut through materials. This process involves immense heat and is suitable for only certain materials and can have an affect on materials. As an example "wood burns", this may seem obvious but unlike cutting timber with a saw or a drill the edges of the cut will be burnt to a fine charcoal and if you for were to get close and sniff it, it will smell. More seriously some materials may "cut" but release chemicals in the process which are harmful to humans or the machine itself. Materials we use include acrylic (also know by brands such as Perspex and Plexiglas), wood, bamboo, leather, EVA, BoPET (Mylar), HIPS and other enginerring plastics.

Our cake toppers and wedding products are very popular.


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Pink Swann